Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiggy Tiger

Tiger Woods is coming back to the Masters. If you had been anywhere near a sports website, or a television that had a sports channel on, you undoubtedly heard the news. And from the standpoint of a fan of the game of golf, I for one, am excited. It certainly helps that I am a fan of Tiger Woods as well.

Competitively speaking, Bay Hill a week before The Masters would have been a far better tournament to return to. Having a week of the grind under his belt would have done nothing but helped the world's #1 player. However, from a comfort level, The Masters is the perfect place for him to come back. The crowds at The Masters are always calm and collected, because if you aren't they rip your pass away from you and you're out. This will help Tiger out a lot, because the hecklers will not be out in full force as they would be in Orlando.

Now let me touch on Tiger's character. Did he mess up? Yes. Is he sorry he did it? More than likely. Is he sorry that he got caught? You betcha. Should we NEVER forgive him for what he did? No way. In a time of athletes getting high and running people down, allegedly being a witness to a murder, being brought up on rape charges, and running illegal dog-fighting rings, this is small potatoes. I think we all need to take a big spoonful of perspective here, and take this for what it is. He showed a serious lack in judgement, integrity, as well as character...and for this, people should be bothered. But this is still an issue that he needs to work out with his wife and family, not with Joe-Golf-Fan who feels let down by him, Jane-Golf-Fan who feels bad for his wife, or Accenture+AT&T+Gatorade, or any other sponsor that dropped him during this time. He owes it to Elin and his kids...and that's it.

I look forward to watching him at The Masters, because how often does a player as special as this come around...anyone who loves the game should be happy to witness one of the greatest of all time. This guy is hoping that he comes out and drums the whole field.

~Golf Czar

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