Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh When The Saints.....

So I watched the Super Bowl (no big shocker there) last night. Yes, it was entertaining, all the way down to the half-time show. Yes, I said it...I loved the half-time show. The Who rocked the house. The music was good, the lighting was cool, and they played Pinball Wizard AND Teenage Wasteland.

But now onto the football game. If you had told me at the end of the first quarter that the Saints would hold the Colts to one more TD and put up 31 on them for the rest of the game, I may have spit my BL Smoothie (Bud Light) right out of my nose in a fit of laughter. But it really did happen. In a way in which I have never seen the Colts play, they got a lead and they sat on it. They did what I like to call "playing not to lose". The Saints however, did the exact opposite. They were a team that wasn't going to get down and out because of a 7 point deficit. They were hungry, aggressive, and played to win the game. Take the goal-line stand by the Colts defense. Now Indy has the ball in the shadow of their own goal-posts, up 7, with a chance to put together one of those drives that doesn't just take the wind out of the other team's sails, it straight up sinks their battleship. But instead, it's three straight runs and a punt. I consider this single posession to be the one that cost the Colts the game. The subsequent points on the Saints drive allowed them to get back in the game, and I don't think they do what they did to open the second half if they're down 2 scores.

Which leads me to the onside kick to start off the second half. In my opinion (which is what you get, it's my blog!), it was the single dumbest and most brilliant play call in Super Bowl history. I know I know, it worked and they got the ball back, and Manning had to sit on the sidelines and watch. But had it not worked, it would be talked about as the worst idea ever.

So the Saints came back to win, Tracy Porter had that interception before Manning even snapped the ball, and now we can all stop talking about the amazing recovery that New Orleans has made since the hurricane. Call me insensitive, but what does a Super Bowl win have to do with getting the city back on track? I don't hear anyone in an uproar because The Lions haven't won one...and Detroit has one of the highest jobless rates in the nation. Now all we have to deal with is Brett "Awe Shucks" Favre flip-flopping on his decision of retirement.

~Golf Czar