Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heisman Relevant?

With a world dominated by depressing things like the economy, politics, the environment, nukes, and genocide in the third world countries, I'd like to start a debate on one of the lighter topics...the Heisman Trophy.

I don't think it's too early to begin talking about the least NFL-Results-Transferable award on the planet, with most of its winners either dropping out of the NFL never to be heard from again, or riding the pine. To date there are only 3 active players in the NFL that are both Heisman Trophy winners and also starters for their respective teams. This is an atrocity, but a bi-product when the trophy typically goes to the player on the best team, rather than the player that had the best individual season. The Heisman is not a team award...if it were, they could simply hand it out at the National Championship game along with that crystal-football thingie. I think all too often the "front-runner" list is composed of the biggest names in college football, and usually the eventual winner is also from this category...Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Jahvid Best...and while I'm not taking anything away from those great players (Tim Tebow is making his case for one of the best college football players in history), I think the voters need to take a step back, turn ESPN off once in awhile, and look at both the numbers and the games.

So here is what I am going for. Give me your "front-runners" for the Heisman. I'll accept any player you want (yes Michigan fans, even Tate Forcier...big step for a Golden Domer huh?) as long as you have something that backs up said player being up there. If you don't have a list, or just don't care enough to make one, then just tell me your thoughts about the Heisman Trophy system as a whole.

~Golf Czar

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